Our team brings both an expertise in the art and the science of executive search as well as enhanced perspective from previous careers in the nonprofit, academic, public, political, and private sectors. This powerful combination affords our clients an unparalleled depth of strategy and insight, and helps us carry our clients through the unique challenges and opportunities each search entails.

A hallmark of NPAG is our ability to establish high quality, long-term partnerships. Trust and understanding in our relationships starts with our unique business model, in which each engagement is tailored to provide maximum value for our clients. This flexibility has allowed us to remain accessible to a full range of organizations in the sector, from local start-ups with budgets as low as $150,000 to international foundations with assets in the billions, serving each with equal quality and attention and affording us a breadth of perspective that benefits all of our clients.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to questioning the conventions of our role in the search process and asking the question, “How can we be of greater service?”. Our innovations include clear pricing and unique consulting models that address the changing needs of our clients.

Our firm was founded in the belief that all mission-driven organizations, regardless of the size of their budget, should have access to that most important resource: talent. We provide leadership, advice, and counsel to our client partners through the custom design and execution of a tailored search strategy and pricing, which we build together to address their particular needs and capacity.

As search consultants, we know that the right hire matters. As mission-driven professionals, we take it a step farther. We believe it is our professional responsibility to leave our clients stronger and smarter after our engagement ends than before it began. As such, we approach every engagement as an opportunity to share our expertise, improve search processes, steward leadership transitions, and provide market data that enables their best hiring decisions. We believe each search should not only result in an exceptional hire, but also inform the organization’s growth and direction, align staff, and energize stakeholders.