Our partnership with our clients is measured by our ability to recruit exceptional talent that augments and diversifies their teams. But, that’s not enough for us. The engagement is never complete unless – in addition to that top-tier hire – we have also made our clients stronger by increasing their capacity to satisfy future recruiting needs in–house and without additional expense.

We teach our clients what we do, as we do it, and work in a transparent partnership so that our research becomes their research, our knowledge becomes their knowledge, and our success becomes their success. For some clients, this takes the form of walking with them through each stage of the search and explaining in greater detail why we ask certain questions or how we uncover hidden history, while for others it looks like a customized curriculum delivered face-to-face at their local offices or via webinar across nationally federated or scaled institutions.

Perhaps this is why so many of our clients choose to hire us for a variety of of engagements across multiple positions at their organizations, and at all levels of seniority from program officer to board member: we become their thought partners, and together we work to solve their long-term talent problems by helping them become their own solution.