From its inception, NPAG has been at the cutting edge of the consulting field in business innovation and its use of technology. We seek to merge the wisdom of generations of search professionals with new technologies and more efficient business practices. This helps us to quickly identify and build stronger relationships with top-tier talent and the organizations they serve. We understand that wisdom, exceptional service, and deep and diverse candidate development no longer require the confines of bricks, cubicles or borders and that meeting people where they are is an important key to sustaining and developing strong networks.

Although geographically spread from South America and across the US to Europe, our team is united both through a shared virtual office platform and our personal dedication to the mission-driven sector. We maintain real-time virtual office space that enables us to remain connected with each other while meeting our clients where they live. The results are streamlined and more effective search services, and an extended international network of top-tier, mission-driven talent.