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Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group provides a range of services to job seekers from across the country and all over the world.  We specialize in nonprofits, higher education, and the public sectors and its people.  We can help you transition from the private sector, change your professional trajectory, grow into your next position, or work through outplacement into your next career. 


Our work is personal, powerful, and effective. Services are customized to meet the specific needs job seekers in the mission-driven sector. Here is a brief overview of our services:


For Organizations


Outplacement ServicesIf you are downsizing, negotiating a departure, or caught up in the recent economic turmoil, our outplacement services can provide you or your outgoing employee a range of customized services to smooth any transition.  We will provide support from beginning to end including transition coaching and assistance, resume and cover letter writing, job search strategy, and job offer negotiation tactics.  We work with a range of nonprofit professionals including senior level executives from across the country to provide custom, in-depth, and affordable outplacement packages.


For Nonprofits and Schools


Group Training and Speaking Engagements: Our consultants work with outplacement firms, university and graduate school career guidance offices, national nonprofits and intermediaries, and other institutions to provide expert panel presentations, speaker appearances, and individualized trainings for those looking to work in the mission-driven sector.  Group rates, panelists, and speaker fees are negotiable.


For Individuals


Resume Advising, Editing and Rewriting: Most resume reviewers spend an average of eight seconds reviewing a resume.  Make a great first impression, and make your resume as strong as it can be.  Our consultants have reviewed thousands of resumes, and know what it takes to get an interview.


Cover Letter Editing: Cover letters need to do more than just describe your career.  They need to get the potential hiring organization excited about your candidacy.  Let us help you write a cover letter that will do just that.


Job Search Strategizing: Do you want a new position tomorrow? Or will you need one next month? What are the best nonprofit job seeker resources? Can you really ask someone to help you find a new position?  What about networking?  We can help you develop a job search strategy, set goals and help you to achieve a positive outcome.  Let us help you find the right job search tools and strategies to land a new position.


Telephone and Face-to-Face Interview Training: Have you had a lot of interviews, but no follow-up calls?  How about awkward silence during a telephone interview?  We can practice with you to make it perfect! Our consultants have interviewed thousands of candidates and know first-hand how to help you make a great first impression. 


Negotiation Tactics: Got an offer in hand?  Not thrilled with it, or just want to make it better?  The list of items in any given compensation package can be infinite.  Let our team talk you through this important step of the process.


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