The Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group prides itself on having a “new economy” approach to search, encouraging our clients to custom design their search process and our services to their particular needs and strategically identifying ways that our assistance in the short term can enhance our clients’ knowledge and organizational capacity over a much longer period. 

We partner worldwide with mission-driven clients in the academic, nonprofit, and public sectors, and specialize in in providing high-quality, cost-effective, and cost-transparent consulting services toward the development of deep and successful, senior- and executive-level searches.  Offering the combined expertise of more than 50 years of executive search experience and enhanced perspective from previous careers in the nonprofit, academic, public, political, and private sectors, our team brings to each assignment a depth of wisdom, perspective, and network knowledge. 

What Sets Us Apart

Although we feel our 50-plus years of experience in nonprofit executive search affords us extraordinary depth of knowledge about the process of finding and placing extraordinary candidates, ultimately we believe our unique approach to the search process is truly what sets us apart. The Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group was founded first from the notion that every organization, regardless of its budget or geographic footprint can better fulfill its mission with a highly-tailored, innovative, and strategic approach to acquiring and retaining its most important resource: talent. Second, we believe that professional services arrangements come with a responsibility, borne by the consultants, to leave their clients stronger after the engagement ends then before they were hired. The Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group has been at the cutting edge of the consulting field from its inception as a “new economy” search firm that merges the wisdom of generations of search professionals with the innovation of powerful new technologies and efficient business practices, allowing our clients to benefit from a firm that sees its role as building its mission-driven clientele, not just its own database.

Although our team is geographically spread across the globe, we are united virtually both through a shared infrastructure built from technology and our personal dedication to the mission-driven sector.  We maintain real-time virtual office space that enables us to be there for our clients around the clock.  This allows us to be everywhere at once and to broaden our networks in the regions where we each live while uniting in our commitment to improving the mission-driven sector both in our professional and personal lives.  Our clients see this innovation not only in our ability to offer exceptional service and networks at all times, but also in a bottom line free of unnecessary overhead.

Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group is excited to be at the forefront of this change, setting new expectations for the professional service industry and the executive search industry in particular.  We believe our clients deserve no less.

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