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Outplacement Services

Our work is personal, powerful, and effective. Services are customized to meet the specific needs of job seekers in the mission-driven sector.

Here is a brief overview of our services:


If you are downsizing, negotiating a departure, or caught up in the recent economic turmoil, our outplacement services can provide you or your outgoing employee a range of customized services to smooth any transition. We will provide support from beginning to end including transition coaching and assistance, resume and cover letter writing, job search strategy, and job offer negotiation tactics. We work with a range of nonprofit professionals including senior level executives from across the country to provide custom, in-depth, and affordable outplacement packages.

Why Outplacement?

Outplacement services can protect your organization's reputation, minimize impact of layoffs for staff and stakeholders, and potentially avoid lawsuits and minimize unemployment-insurance payments. It’s also just the right thing to do for staff who have been loyal employees.

Why is NPAG better?

  • Unlike the larger outplacement companies, our services are never cookie-cutter approaches. Most “big box” outplacement firms simply don’t understand the culture, terminology, and hiring process differences in the nonprofit sector. Our staff are nationally recognized experts on job search in the nonprofit sector, with unique experience working with specialized niche job searches such as international development, higher education, think tanks, and government agencies. Why pay more to get a lower quality of service?

  • We don’t offer some of the services others offer, like office space—because we have found such offerings are outdated in the current job search climate. Instead, we help candidates find appropriate job leads and identify target organizations, teach job seekers the latest social networking skills to land a job, and provide the latest interview and resume assistance that gets people back to work faster.

  • We can design group programs such as exclusive training sessions on LinkedIn, resume writing, interviewing, job search strategy customized for your organization.

  • Individual coaching sessions for staff in transition, purchased at a group rate.

  • Flexible scheduling: your staff can use the services right away, or decide to use them up to a full year after the date of purchase—unlike with some traditional outplacement firms, where your staff has a “cut-off” after only a few months. Outplacement services are non-refundable.

  • Redeployment advice: why lose a great staff person, when you might be able to re-train or re-deploy him or her to another part of your organization? We can provide organizational assessments to determine whether someone might be retained rather than let go, at a potentially tremendous cost savings over hiring from the outside.

  • We are significantly more competitively priced than the typical, non-customized corporate outplacement firms.

Interested in Outplacement?  Contact us at to arrange a package that fits your organization’s needs.

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