Tamar Datan

Senior Advisor

Tamar has worked with nonprofits for close to thirty years, in just about every role imaginable:  board member & officer, funder, program manager, consultant, advocate, advisor, and chief executive.  Early in her career, she managed innovative change initiatives within large (>$4B) institutions – from the Venture Fund at The Pew Charitable Trusts to the Compatible Ventures Group at The Nature Conservancy.  Subsequently, she led entrepreneurial start-ups (<$10M) facing founder transitions as Executive Vice President at the Amazon Conservation Team and Executive Director at TrueSpark.  In between, she consulted with private foundations and public charities on board development, strategic planning, fundraising, financial management, and executive leadership.

In addition to her day jobs, Tamar has served on 14 nonprofit boards and public service commissions (chairing five of them) in the areas of education, conservation, economic development, community engagement, and social justice.  She currently serves as Vice Chair of the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities; Stewardship and Social Justice Chair at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun; and Governance and Nominating Chair at All Ages Read Together, where she also served as founding Treasurer until she recruited someone more qualified to take on that role.

Tamar knows first-hand the impact a talented leader can have on an organization, and loves bringing compelling missions and personal passions together.  That love led her to join the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group in 2015 as its first Senior Advisor, and its unofficial Yenta in Residence.

A native of Jerusalem, Israel, Tamar also spent formative years in Illinois, West Virginia, and Indiana, before graduating with honors from Swarthmore College and earning her M.Ed. from Harvard University.  These days, Tamar and her Irish-Palestinian wife Sandy split their time between a farm in northern Virginia and a cottage in North Carolina.