Track record

We don’t like surprises. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, and believe that there is no such thing as a “good” surprise in search. Stretching across all phases of search is individualized attention to detail, process, and budget, ensuring our searches rarely fail. In addition, at any given time, at least a quarter of our current searches are with repeat clients, who appreciate our regular and thorough communications, allowing them to focus on the candidates and not the process itself.  We believe our track record speaks for itself.


We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the search process and make every effort to present diverse  pools  of  qualified  candidates  for  each search.  However,  diversity  is  an  organizational characteristic, not an individual one. We discuss at the outset of the search what diversity means for your organization and how active strategies for considering diversity and  inclusion in your process will make your organization stronger and richer. To date, our placements represent:


Our firm has also received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise from the Center for Women in Enterprise, a regional certifying partner of  the  Women’s  Business  Enterprise  National Council.  By  including  women-owned  businesses among their vendors, nonprofits, universities, and governments  demonstrate  their  commitment  to developing diversity in every area of the sector.


We have served clients from coast-to-coast and draw candidates nationally and internationally. Our firm’s broad reach is complemented by practice leaders in Boston, Washington, DC, and Atlanta