With turnover in a number of senior positions, including the loss of our interim CEO, the Board of College Summit was in need of tailored executive search assistance. Several former senior managers were potentially interested in the CEO position, so the potential for continuity and a quick onboarding process was attractive, but we also required a backup plan – and time was of the essence. Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group had a record of strong service to one of our key investors, New Profit, and their proposal was flexible and relatively low cost, so we engaged them.

The NPAG team swung into action and quickly gained a very good feel for the organization, the circumstances and sensitivities. Throughout a process that concluded successfully, NPAG provided excellent support and, more importantly, ongoing advice at critical decision points that reflected a deep understanding of the relevant history, organizational culture and the special challenges facing nonprofits more generally. This engagement stands out for me quite positively in a world dominated by cookie-cutter searches and consultants wary of diverging from the customary approach.

Charles HarrisPortfolio Manager, Director of Capital AggregationThe Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

It has been a pleasure to work with NPAG and I extend the appreciation for all of your great work and results on behalf of many at Kellogg. I’ve heard from one interviewer after another about the depth and breadth of the candidate pools. Your search consultants have been warm and thoughtful in their engagements with an incredible talent for presenting our story in a compelling manner. Thanks to all of you for developing such great candidates across the organization.

Dianna LangenburgDirector of Human ResourcesKellogg Foundation

I can’t tell you how important it is for a small nonprofit, with ambitious goals, to have the right people on board. I know you know this, but it really does makes all the difference. Perhaps more so, when you’re trying to break significantly new ground, as we are trying to do. Furthermore, I know this was not an easy search as it was very non-traditional and required a difficult combination of skills, experience and willingness to take risk. But, you were great partners, you stuck with it, we course-corrected, and you contributed senior executive time to working to it, all of which led to success.

Alex RossidesPresidentGrowth Philanthropy Network

NPAG has been the most effective firm in searching and securing the best talent in the non profit field – from executive staff members to board members, the level of talent they find is unparalleled!

Richard TagleCEOHigher Achievement

The entire board appreciated NPAG’s collaborative style, starting with a spirited discussion during one of our board meetings, and continuing through a well-designed outreach strategy that yielded a diverse set of qualified candidates. NPAG did a great job educating our search team about best practices and were quick with answers and suggestions throughout the process. Your counsel was particularly helpful during the final stages and negotiation, which enabled us to land our first choice and set the stage for an effective transition.

Judith KiddChair, Brookline Community Foundation Board of Trustees and Frank SteinfieldVice Chair, Brookline Community Foundation Board of Trustees