Javier Garcia


Senior Associate

Javier joined NPAG as a Senior Associate in September 2018 and brings with him seven years of experience working in the Affordable Housing and Community Development field. He spent four and a half years as the Property Development Manager for Quest Community Development Organization (Quest), a HUD-certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). As Property Development Manager, Javier executed the day-to-day responsibilities of Quest’s Property Development division and delivering on the organization’s vision of providing affordable housing to Atlanta’s extremely low-income households. Some of his responsibilities were, but not limited to: preparing funding applications to public, private, quasi-governmental, philanthropic partners, construction management, creating development and operating budgets and contract negotiations. He successfully completed construction on a 19,000 s/f workforce development center and secured over $40 million in development funding that would deliver 150 units of affordable housing and 30,000 s/f of socially responsible commercial space.

Javier received his first exposure to affordable housing development as an Assistant Program Director for Community Ventures (CV), a nonprofit affordable housing developer in Philadelphia. Javier’s work with CV was focused on neighborhood stabilization, following the housing crash. He worked primarily in neighborhoods in North and South Philadelphia, communities that were hard hit during the mortgage crisis. He has also held short-term positions in Philadelphia City Council and the East Falls Development Corporation.

Javier’s professional work has been rooted in the belief that it takes a village to raise a child and sustain the individual. He believes that safe, decent, and affordable housing is the cornerstone to any thriving community and is a basic human right.

Javier earned a Master of Arts degree in History from Temple University; his concentration was 20th Century U.S. Urban History. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Growth & Structure of Cities from Haverford College.