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  • NPAG offers the full suite of search and consulting services tailored to meet each client's needs.
  • We are not "headhunters."  We facilitate meaningful, informed, two-way conversations with field leaders and bring strategic thought partnership to our clients.  Our approach leads to stronger, more enduring placements and long-term relationships.
  • Our searches range in length based on the complexity of each engagement, but on average take 4-5 months.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are not only values we uphold, but are also key strategic concepts that show up in all stages of our work. 
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TALENT strategy

NPAG's flexible business model enables organizations to hire us not only for search, but also for the important talent strategy work that often precedes a search or a talent build.  Services include:

  • Founder/Long-time CEO Transition Consulting
  • Organizational Assessment & Talent Planning
  • Staff & Leadership Alignment
  • Role Development & Market Analysis
  • Compensation Strategy
  • Board Development & Recruitment 
  • Diversity & Inclusion Consulting for Hiring Practices


NPAG's in-person or virtual training modules provide practical tools, insights, and strategies that will expand your organization's capacity to make (and retain) great hires. Tailored offerings we have provided include:

  • Board-level training in executive search & transition stewardship
  • Staff training on best practices in search to "recruit like a recruiter," including tools, templates and best practices to immediately improve your internal hiring
  • Best practices in behavioral and biographical interviewing
  • Best practices in deep, 360-degree reference checking
  • Candidate coaching and leadership development

Transition Management

By the end of a search, we have learned a tremendous amount about our clients and their individual and team needs.  We strive to deliver this valuable learning back to organizations, and our flexible fee structure enables clients to engage our team in transition management including:  

  • Offer and negotiations consulting including relocation, contract negotiation,  and/or creative incentive and compensation models
  • Onboarding consulting
  • Talent planning to complement a new hire
  • Strategic communications to announce a new hire

Our Approach


NPAG was founded in 2002 to bring the rapidly evolving social sector a more current, more strategic, and less transactional approach to executive search and talent consulting.  Our business model is designed not only to offer the highest quality services with greater flexibility and cost transparency, but also to bring stronger and more enduring leaders to organizations.  We pride ourselves on the exceptional craft of our work facilitating critical, meaningful relationships for our clients and on helping them navigate tricky organizational transitions.  We are grounded in our commitment to equity and inclusion and are driven by the way the right leadership at the right time can catapult an organization and its mission forward.

We are experts at building and tapping networks.

Searches succeed or fail depending largely on the ability to engage the right leaders in meaningful, two-way conversations that yield actionable market intelligence and open, trusting relationships with candidates and sources.  We bring both deep, broad existing networks and the ability to nimbly expand them to approach every search with fresh eyes.

We hold diversity, equity and inclusion as central in both the process and the results of our searches.

While we are proud of our industry-leading placement rates for women and people of color*, it is our commitment to inclusive search processes that advance equity that truly sets us apart.  

*Of total searches completed since 2014, 43% of placements are leaders of color and 59% are women.   

Our flexible and transparent fee structure engenders trust and fosters partnership.  

We believe that tying our fee to a placement's compensation, as has been standard for the industry, is ethically problematic. While we do offer both hourly and fixed-fee based searches depending on clients' needs and preferences, our fees are driven by what it costs to complete the work and nothing more.




Our firm was founded on the principle that all organizations serving the common good deserve a flexible, transparent, tailored, and cost-efficient search partner to guide and support them through growth and transition, and we have built a team of search experts committed exclusively to advancing mission-driven organizations. 

The best search consultants are steeped in both the art and science of search. Our team members bring prior experience in the nonprofit, philanthropic, and higher education sectors, but it is our expertise in search itself that sets us apart. Your organization will benefit from decades of search wisdom acquired over hundreds of searches. It uniquely positions us to counsel you through some of the most critical and transformative decision-making moments in the life of your organization.



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